Our product portfolio includes items to suit every promotional occasion or event, from pens to portfolios, calendars to card holders, t-shirts to teacups it's all here, and we are only an email or phone call away if you can't decide what suits your campaign best.

Executive Gifts & Diaries

We offer a comprehensive selection of high quality executive gifts including silverware, crystal, gold and silver-plated items. The gifts available have been carefully selected to cover a wide range of gifts, from decanters and paper-weights, to elegant desk and leather accessories.

Diaries remain one of the most popular choices for the year-long promotion of your business. Choose from a quality range in various formats, sizes, colours and styles, all of which can be customised with special matter ‘tip-in’ pages, and blocked or blind embossed with your logo or message.

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Conference Solutions

The range of conference gifts offered by The 01324 Agency has been carefully chosen to give you the opportunity to offer conference welcome and exit packs. We offer items including document wallets, conference folders, organisers, briefcases, ID badges and lanyards. All are available in a number of different materials including leather, PU, or vinyl.

Combining a selection of these gifts gives you one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and all can be supplied in quantities to suit both small and large conferences alike.

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Stationery & Office Products

All of the stationery items offered by The 01324 Agency have been carefully selected to ensure that they offer you the maximum exposure of your business on a day-to-day basis. Our range includes block-pads, paper trays, post-it® notes, desk organisers and adpads, all available in a huge range of sizes, colours and shapes. We can add impact and colour to further enhance your campaign by producing custom shape paper blocks and pads.

We also offer an extensive range of practical office items, carefully designed to be extremely cost effective, offering you the opportunity to consistently deliver your message time and time again. The range includes desk and pocket calculators, clipboards, desk and wall calendars, clocks and a wide range of pens to suit every budget.

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Advertising & Novelty Products

The 01324 Agency supply a wide range of products that can be used for advertising and promotional purposes to suit campaign budgets of any size. Our extensive range of goods has been selected to offer a solution for every promotional event, with products covering branded personal organisers, chequebook holders, credit card holders or document holders to name only a few.

We also offer a range of novelty items that have proved to be extremely popular with our customers – simple button badges, logobugs, mugs, stress products and even confectionery, all offer novel ways of promoting your business in an innovative manner, with long lasting impact.

In the 21st Century, hi-tech gadgets and computer accessories are increasingly popular promotional items, and our high-quality selection includes everything from retractable USB cables to MP4 players.

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Clothing & Leisure Goods

Our range of leisure goods has been carefully selected, ensuring that quality and value are an integral part of the design. From footballs to golf balls, umbrellas to cool boxes, golf tees to shoe bags and cameras to torches, we feel we have every marketing opportunity covered.

We offer a range of quality garments, and - as with all products offered by The 01324 Agency - all situations are catered for. With jackets available in a number of differing styles and sports shirts and tee shirts also available, your message can be visible in all weather conditions.

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Virtually all of our products can be personalised using various methods such as screen printing, blocking, blind-embossing or embroidery. Our service allows for the provision of a proof or visual of how your logo will appear on your chosen product, and if appropriate we can help with the design of your campaign artwork.

Remember, if you would like more information on our extensive range, or advice on which products suit your exact requirements, get in touch with us today - we are here to help!